La Luna e Pulcinella for ADM2022

La Luna e Pulcinella for ADM2022

Pulcinellae at the festival Arrivano dal Mare 2022

I will take part in this year’s program of Arrivano Dal Mare, with a show of "La Luna e Pulcinella", and speaking in the company of Salvatore Gatto and Bruno Leone about how we have carried out our passionate artistic activity.

here is the program


by Irene Vecchia

tuesday 24 maggio 2022
at 5.00 p.m.

at MAR Loggetta Lombardescavia di Roma 13, Ravenna - lato Giardini Pubblici

> In viaggio. Storie e visioni dalle Famiglie d’Arte di Spettacolo ai “Garzoni” di bottega

Convegno di Studi

What does it mean to be an Art Family today? What is the weight of tradition? How has the repertoire and the way of production changed? What is the difference between the Families of Art of the nineteenth century and those born in the twentieth century? How was Art Family born and defined? What can be the role of Art Families in the transmission of knowledge to the younger generations? How to preserve, protect and enhance this intangible heritage, strong but very fragile, that the world envies us and that threatens to disappear inexorably? There are so many questions to answer that continuing the search has been necessary and necessary. In 2021 the study continued with the collection of further interviews with the artists still operating. And in this 2022 dialogue reopens the dialogue on two areas: the continuation of the investigation on the Families of Italian figure theatre art and the opening of a new look on the so-called "apprentices of the workshop": on the transmission of knowledge from teacher to student. A complex apprenticeship, sometimes indirect, made of tenacity and sacrifices, stolen words and silences, fatigue and great passions.

on 24th may 9:30 – 14:00

Institutional Greetings

Fabio Sbaraglia – Assessore alla Cultura del Comune di Ravenna
Roberta Colombo – Artistic director of Festival Internazionale dei Burattini e delle Figure AdM!

Session President Prof. Guido di Palma

the Napoletan studio
Irene Vecchia, Salvatore Gatto, Bruno Leone, Nunzio Zampella

Sicily : a look on some Pupari families
Famiglia Mauceri di Siracusa
Famiglia Mancuso di Palermo
Famiglia  Gargano di Messina

Contributions from abroad
Family Lanze (Spain), Family Jageneau (Belgium)